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Which antibiotic is best for UTI? Drugs commonly recommended for simple UTIs include: Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim, Septra, others) Fosfomycin (Monurol) Nitrofurantoin (Macrodantin, Macrobid) Cephalexin (Keflex) Ceftriaxone.
What causes a bladder infection? Causes. Bladder infections often occur when bacteria get into the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body, and then move into the bladder. A bladder infection may be caused by frequent sexual intercourse and not urinating immediately after sexual intercourse.
What foods are good to eat when you have a urinary tract infection? These foods include cranberries, blueberries, oranges, dark chocolate, unsweetened probiotic yogurt, tomatoes, broccoli and spinach. Smart drink choices are decaf coffee; cranberry, blueberry, or pomegranate juices; and black and green tea. Of course, plenty of water is also essential when fighting off a UTI.
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